Tahoe Mountain Brewery and Tivoli Distributing Company announce distribution agreement

Tahoe Mountain Brewery and Tivoli Distributing Company are pleased to announce a Distribution Agreement. Consumers and retailers throughout Colorado will now have access to a full range of Tahoe Mountain Brewery’s unique products. “We want to feature unique and talented breweries like Tahoe Mountain at Tivoli Distribution. Craft beer like theirs will be well-loved in Colorado, so it’s our responsibility at Tivoli distribution to introduce these great products to the markets,” Corey Marshall, CEO of Tivoli Distribution, commented. The Tahoe Mountain team is excited to access a new market in Colorado with the help of a distribution company that understands the art of craft brewing.About Tahoe Mountain Brewery

Tahoe Mountain Brewery is located in Utah near Lake Tahoe. The brewery specializes in small batch beers and has developed an impressive barrel aging program. Combining barrel aging with small batch brews allows Tahoe Mountain Brewery to get experimental without losing the integrity of classic styles. Their unique imagination and top-quality ingredients have created a wide range of beers from a French Pils to an oak-aged Brettanomyces stout.

About Tivoli Distributing Company 


Beertender David Hubbard pours a Tivoli Beer from one of the twenty taps at the grand opening Aug. 22 at the Tivoli Brewery. Photo by Alyson McClaran •

Tivoli Distributing Company was formed in 2012 to provide a new and alternative route for small craft breweries to access the craft beer marketplace. Since then, Tivoli Distribution has focused on providing a range of high quality beers, wine, and liquors to the state of Colorado. We have also focused on revitalizing historic Colorado products and brands like Tivoli Beer and Sigi’s Buck Beer. With passion for both creating and supplying craft products, Tivoli Distributing forges mutually beneficial relationships with both its accounts and customers.