Tivoli Distributing Company

Grimm was Tivoli’s first account, aside from its own beer, but Corey Marshall says the company hopes to make more announcement in the next couple of months. Debbie and Corey Marshall are the founders of this beer, wine & liquor distribution company.

“We would like to keep our distributorship relatively small with a portfolio of brands that compliment each other and don’t compete for the same space,” he says.

Since it is difficult and sometimes inefficient for small breweries to distribute their own beer, the only way to be profitable is to pool resources, he explains. “We see distribution as one of the biggest challenges of growing a small craft beer business…current alternative options for distribution have some large downsides in terms of competition for share of mind with the large quantity of brands in distributor’s portfolios.”

In other words, he adds, small breweries can get lost when they are distributed by a company that is focused more on megabreweries or on large craft breweries.

Tivoli Distributing Company was formed in 2012 to provide a new and alternative route for small craft breweries to access the craft beer marketplace. Since then, Tivoli Distribution has focused on providing a range of high quality beers, wine, and liquors to the state of Colorado. We have also focused on revitalizing historic Colorado products and brands like Tivoli Beer and Sigi’s Buck Beer. With passion for both creating and supplying craft products, Tivoli Distributing forges mutually beneficial relationships with both its accounts and customers.